3 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Getting Into a Truck Accident at Night

The darkness of the night can affect your driving performance because of low visibility. For instance, you might face low-light problems that can impair your depth perception. You’ll also have issues with headlight glares, peripheral vision, and color recognition. 

Did you know that 49% of fatal vehicular accidents occur during the night? These happen because there is an increased number of trucks on the road after the sun sets. Truck drivers prefer to drive during that time because there is less traffic. 

Even though there are fewer vehicles at night, truck drivers need to be careful and vigilant. Otherwise, innocent passersby will suffer the consequences of their careless behavior. 

In this blog, we will discuss the things you should avoid doing if you were the victim of a truck accident.

#1. Not Calling the Authorities 

At night, everyone is usually in a hurry to reach their destinations. That’s why some don’t bother calling the authorities when they get into a minor accident. They usually share their contact details and other vital information for future resolution. 

However, the same cannot be done when you’re involved in a truck accident. That’s because trucks weigh 80,000 pounds while cars are only 4,100 pounds. When they collide, the consequences can be catastrophic, especially when it’s dark outside. 

Therefore, calling 911 for assistance after a truck accident is a wise decision. While on call, the dispatcher will ask you for your location and the current situation. They’ll soon send paramedics to treat possible injuries. 

Even if you don’t seem or feel hurt, you must seek medical attention. Sometimes, the adrenaline rush of the accident might reduce the pain sensation in your body. That means even if you’re hurt, you won’t feel it. 

Moreover, you’ll need immediate medical attention to assess internal injuries. Once you’re cleared, you can explain the incident to the authorities and file a report while on the site. 

But remember to comply with the paramedic team if they ask you to visit the hospital immediately. The police officers can take a statement once you’re stable. 

#2. Not Calling a Lawyer

Let’s say the trucking company has instantly offered to pay for the damages. In that case, you might be willing to accept the offer since it’s late and you don’t want to call a lawyer at that time.

But did you know that you are probably eligible for higher compensation for the damages? Sometimes, the company will try to downplay the situation to avoid paying hefty amounts. Unfortunately, you won’t have the legal expertise to negotiate with them. 

That’s why you must call a lawyer specializing in such cases in your city. Some attorneys have 24/7 hotlines and will be available to advise you on the next steps, even at night. These lawyers will know the exact claim you deserve for the extent of your property damage and injuries based on the state’s law.

Let’s say you got into an accident on the highway in St. Louis, Missouri. The city’s roads are usually filled with trucks, especially during the night. Therefore, the number of trucking accidents has steadily increased in the area due to driver fatigue, overspeeding, mechanical failures, etc. 

Thankfully, a St. Louis truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve if any accident occurs. These attorneys will help you gather evidence, determine liability, and assess the damage caused. 

According to TorHoerman Law, you should check the lawyer’s experience, success history, and reputation before hiring them for your case. Also, remember to analyze and discuss their payment structure before moving forward. A truck accident attorney will represent your case in court and negotiate the payouts with the liable party.

#3. Not Gathering Evidence 

The rush of the situation can make you feel perplexed and stressed out, especially if the accident happened in the dark. In that case, you might forget to gather solid evidence that could prove your innocence. Thankfully, your lawyer can guide you through the next steps. 

If you’re feeling better after getting medical attention, your attorney will ask you to collect the following evidence: 

  • Photos of your injuries: Use your phone’s flash to take these pictures so that the damages are clearly visible. 
  • Video of the incident: Take a video of your vehicle, the truck, and the surrounding roads. If the visibility is too low, you can ask the police officers for help. 
  • Copy of the incident report: You can get a copy of the police report by using your city’s online law enforcement portal.

It’s also important to learn the name of the truck driver’s company so that your lawyer can reach out to their employers. Moreover, keep the medical bills and expenses handy. 

In conclusion, you should take your car out at night only if there’s an emergency or a necessity. Ensure that you aren’t tired, and always maintain the speed limit. You should also be aware of your surroundings by staying away from a truck’s blind spot at night. 

But if a collision occurs, you should immediately call the authorities, seek medical help, inform your lawyer, and gather evidence. Remember to never admit fault or flee before the police arrive.

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