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**Please use the CN number written on your parcel receipt if you are having trouble tracking with the phone numbers.

** This website is not an official website of Sundarban Courier Service. We only provide information related to this courier service

Enter your CN number in the field to find the exact location of your package. Sundarban Courier Tracking is a convenient way to track your order by Reference Number, CN Number, Sender, or Receiver Contact Number.

Customers often have various plans for their packages, and the delivery date information of the tracker can help them to achieve their goals. It provides flexibility to users since they can track their shipment using just their contact number, even if they don’t know about CN numbers. Sundarban Tracking offers the fastest way for users to determine the arrival time of their packages, allowing them to be available for collection.

How to Track Sundarban Courier Service

A. SCS CN Tracking

Retrieve your CN number from the voucher provided by the courier service. Enter this CN number in the field provided at the beginning of this article and click the search button.

Sundarban Courier Tracking

You will receive the following details:

Sundarban Tracking Result

B. Sundarban Courier Tracking by Phone Number

If you don’t have the CN number, track your parcel from the sender’s or receiver’s phone. Customers can easily track their parcels from phone numbers. It provides convenience to the customers so that they can easily access the location of their packages by any method.

Features of Sundarban Courier Tracking Tool

  • Real-Time Updates.
  • Versatile Tracking Option.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Impressive Speed.
  • International Parcel Tracking.
  • Timely Delivery Information.

Sundarban Courier Service

Sundarban Courier Service

Sundarban Courier Service, a well-known courier service in Bangladesh, was founded by Imamul Kabir Shanto in 1983. In fact, Shanto used to live in Sundarban so he named his company according to the area where he lived. Shanto and his friend Hafizur Rehman Pulok (Vice Chairman) left Germany to start a courier company in Bangladesh in 1983. They thought, If Germany can transport parcels by road, why can’t we?

Until 1983, only air express services accomplished the needs of people in Bangladesh. These services created problems such as the non-availability of airports in rural areas, no flights available for urgent transport of documents, and difficulty in picking up parcels from airports. Considering these issues, the Founder and the Vice Chairman of Sundarban Courier Tracking Service started their journey on the first of November of 1983.

Why should We choose Sundarban Courier Service Pvt. Ltd?

Domestic offices

        The company has 700+ offices, 10000+ clients, and covers 64 districts. It started from a small room and is now the largest courier company in Bangladesh.

Timely Delivery

        It delivers your order at the promised time. If a courier service can’t deliver your parcel on time, why do we use these crappy services? SCS has the fastest delivery network to deliver your documents and packages to their destination.

Real-Time Tracking

        Sundarban Courier Service Tracking has real-time updates on all packages. This will provide the current status of your parcel during the transportation process. It is a great way to see your parcel location, speed, and estimated delivery time.

Customer Support

                Sundarban Courier has an outstanding customer care team. The team of 36 employees is working very hard to resolve customer issues, answer their queries, reschedule a package, and provide general information about courier services.

Expert Services for All Your Needs

  • Document Service

In this service, documents are delivered locally to retail and corporate customers. The weight of the document should be between 01 to 200 grams. It is a secure method to deliver your essential document, and the tracker ensures that the document has arrived safely. The delivery cost of each document is 35 Taka and you can provide it to any city in Bangladesh at this price. 

  • Gifts and Quality Items Weighing Over 200g

Non-document items or items weighing over 200 grams are delivered in these polybags. The weight of the item must be less than 3 kg. This service is offered to retail clients. The company offers three types of services in three different polybags, and each polybag has its own product delivery capacity and cost. Types of polybags and their sizes are:

  1. Yellow Bag: Items weighing between 200 to 1000 grams are delivered in yellow bags. The booking fee is 120 Taka for home delivery and 110 for office delivery.
  2. White Bag: Items weighing between 1000 to 2000 grams are delivered in white bags. The booking fee is 160 Taka for home delivery and 150 for office delivery.
  3.  Blue Bags: Items weighing between 2000 to 3000 grams are delivered in blue bags. The booking fee is 220 Taka for home delivery and 210 for office delivery

The staff team carefully checked the items in the bags before packing. The following items are strictly disallowed: flammable materials, fragile objects, frozen goods, all forms of liquids, currencies, precious metals like gold, and illegal products.

  • Prompt Delivery of Documents

Super express service is an urgent document delivery service to homes and offices. It is similar to Document Service but in Super Express Service documents are delivered faster and instantly. The booking fee is 160 Taka for home delivery and 150 for office delivery.

  • Business Documentation Services

Document Corporate Service provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to corporate clients such as insurance companies, banks, multinational companies, phone companies, educational institutes, retail companies, etc. The fee for this service is contract-based and varies depending on the specific products.

  • Technology Device Delivery Services

In today’s digital age, mobile and other technology devices are an integral part of daily life. Sundarban provides safe and fast delivery of these sensitive products. The agent picked up cartons or packages from manufacturers, importers, and suppliers, and then delivered them to shops and retailers.

  • Sundarban Courier Tracking and E-Commerce

E-tailers can sell their products to customers in all cities of Bangladesh without leaving their own city. Sundarban plays a vital role in e-commerce by facilitating the delivery of products and the collection of payments for e-tailers. The most advantageous option is that the tracker can also show the location of e-tailers’ products, that are delivered by Sundarban Courier Service.

  • International Services

Sundarban now covers 220+ countries and delivers your order globally within time. Both Inbound and Outbound Services are available at highly affordable fees. In international product delivery, tracking the parcel can be difficult but Sundarban Courier tracking service provides the current status of products.


Sundarban Courier Service is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 AM to 8 PM. On Fridays, except for a few agencies, all the offices are open from 10 AM to 6 PM. Services are unavailable on Fridays from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM because of lunch and prayer breaks. 

Yes, the company charges a small additional fee for these services. The amount of the extra charge is typically between 10 to 20 Taka. There are no additional charges when clients collect their parcels from nearby offices. 

If an e-commerce store has a contract for delivering products through Sundarban, then the tracker will have details of that product. Insert the CN number of the product in the tracker to see the status of the parcel.

The delivery time of a parcel is based on different factors such as the type of delivery services chosen (e.g. express delivery or standard delivery), the weight of the products, and the distance between the sender and receiver.

Final Thoughts

Sundarban Courier Tracking tool is a convenient and easy-to-use service that helps customers to track their orders from origin to destination. It provides different tracking options including CN number, sender’s or receiver’s phone number, and reference number. It shows real-time updates and delivery date information that help customers achieve their goals and provide them with the flexibility they need. By providing safe and fast delivery, backed by an outstanding customer care team and supported by over offices, Sundar Courier Service PVT. Ltd is the largest and most reliable courier company in Bangladesh.

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