The Complete Guide To Hair Loss Treatment

Most men and women of various age groups suffer from the most common problem – Hair Loss. It is often a stressful and embarrassing experience that ruins the overall personality of a person. Within no time, the hair thinning treatment has contributed its distinguished benefits to help people prevent hair loss problems.

It is also important to explore and analyze the proper root causes, symptoms, and possible solutions to the hair loss problem. If you’re looking for information on hair loss treatments, you are at the right place.. We have a full guide covering some of the most effective and result-oriented hair loss treatments.

Hair Loss Causes

It is important to understand the main causes before moving ahead with the potential treatment of hair loss. It becomes easier to identify and implement beneficial solutions after understanding the root cause of the hair loss problem.

Some of the possible causes of hair loss are:

1.    Genetics:

Hair loss generally happens because of genetics. The hair loss problem is usually inherited from either a single parent or both parents of their children.

2.    Environmental Factors:

Exposure to pollution, harmful UV rays, chemicals, and other dangerous environmental factors are also considered the prime causes of hair loss.

3.    Medical or Health Conditions:

Hair loss can also happen due to some medical or health condition like cancer, chemotherapy, or oral medications. Besides hair loss, these conditions also have other health side effects.

4.    Lifestyle:

A lifestyle with depression, stress, and anxiety also suffers from hair loss. Besides this, not getting enough sleep and not consuming a balanced diet also causes hair loss.

5.    Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance primarily affects women with hair loss problems. It happens when the body produces extremely high or low counts of special hormones like thyroid, estrogens, androgens, etc.

Potential Hair Loss Treatments

1.    Hair Transplant:

This is one of the most recommended and heard of solutions for hair loss problems. This treatment is initiated by removing a strip of skin  having robust hair growth with surgery. The same is then dissected into follicular units of 1-4 hairs to be effectively transplanted into the required hair loss area.

The treatment leaves no scars or visible marks during transplanting the hair from one area to another. It is advised to follow a special hair care routine, for up to 3 weeks, after the treatment.

2.    Hair GFC:

Hair GFC or Growth Factor Concentrate is another popular hair loss treatment. During the treatment, the extracted blood plasma is injected into deeper layers of the scalp. The growth factors combine to stimulate cell growth fighting hair thinning and loss.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and can show desired results within no time. Moreover, the treatment can restore the look of thicker hair.

3.    Hair PRP:

It uses the body’s natural healing capabilities, promoting the growth of new hair. It extracts blood samples to separate plasma and platelets by spinning them into a centrifuge. The platelets, rich in growth factors, are injected back to stimulate the growth of new hair.

Similar to laser pigmentation removal, the hair PRP treatment is also safe, effective, and affordable. It is a natural treatment to get the best results in just a few sessions.

4.    Hair Threads:

This hair loss laser pigmentation removal treatment makes the best of vitamins, minerals, medications, plant extracts, and other essential nutrients to prevent hair loss. The nutrients are carefully injected into the scalp to nourish the scalp’s middle layer.

Proper nourishment ensures strengthening the hair and stimulating hair growth. The treatment also releases the essential growth factors to further enhance the desired hair growth results. It is suitable for all types of people and shows instant results without any major side effects or skin consequences.


Hair loss may sound common but requires immediate specialized treatment. Thus, you shouldn’t keep waiting to try the effective hair thinning treatment suggestions to treat the problem. No matter which treatment you try, make sure to trust only an experienced and expert brand name.

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For any kind of hair loss concern, VLCC has an effective solution. Get your appointments booked now to witness the visible improvement in hair loss.

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