The Easy Way to Make Animated GIFs

When we want to share our feelings in chats or on social media, GIF is the best way to give a reaction online. But the question is, what is an easy way to make animated GIFs? The answer is Adobe Express Animated GIF Maker. So in this guide we will tell you how you can do it by yourself. After reading the steps you are able to transform your favorite videos into shareable GIFs with just a few clicks.

Step 1

The first step in creating your animated GIF masterpiece is to select the video that you want to convert. No matter if it is a funny moment from your life or a clip of your adorable pet doing tricks. Adobe Express is the solution that allows you to upload any video up to one hour long directly from your device.

Step 2

Once you have uploaded your video, then it is time to convert it into a GIF. Adobe Express has the option to customize the file size according to the ratio based on the platform where you want to share your GIF. You can choose from three size options: large to high-quality GIFs, medium for your social media sharing, or small for easy sharing across various platforms. The best thing is you can adjust the aspect ratio according to the preferred format whether it’s square, landscape or portrait.

Step 4

Once you are satisfied with your GIF then you can share it with the world. Adobe Express allows you to download your new created GIF instantly or continue editing within the platform. No matter you are sharing it on social media, messaging apps, or even your personal blog Adobe Express ensures you get exactly your desired animation.

Why Choose Adobe Express?

Adobe Express is one of the free tools for converting your videos into GIF converters. With its powerful features, you can create endlessly looped video sequences and animated reactions in just a few clicks. Not only that, Adobe Express also supports various video formats that ensure compatibility with your existing media library. But if you follow some tips while creating GIFs, you can create a perfect one.

Tips For Perfect GIFs

  • Never limit yourself to videos. You can also make a GIF out of any series of images. You can experiment with drawing with your own illustrations or you can use stills from a video to tell your story in a more expressive way.
  • Resize and crop your image to a standard look or use a transform tool to adjust dimensions.
  • Add personality to your GIFs by applying filters and effects that suit your style and message reply.
  • Find the right balance between speed and engagement by adjusting the frame rate in your timeline panel.
  • Next you can also enhance your GIFs by witty captions or messages using Adobe Express animated GIF maker Fonts or your Preferred Font Provider.
  • Convert your different images and video file types into GIFs effortlessly and expand the possibilities of your creativity.

Importance of GIFs in the Digital World

Normally GIFs resemble videos, but they are actually considered as an animation. But in spite of their limited color range and short duration, GIFs are a unique way to convey your emotions, reactions, and ideas instantly. So you can say that GIFs are another name for your thoughts and emotions in the digital world. They are adorable, shareable, versatile, and ideal for expressing and capturing moments that your words or images can not express alone. And Adobe Express animated GIFs maker is the best tool to use it wisely.


Now you know how easy it is to make animated GIFS by using Adobe Express animated GIF maker. So bring out your creativity and experiment with your skills by crafting your own unique animations. No matter if you are sharing your moments with friends or expressing your emotions, GIFs are the choice of style. You can not only create GIFs for your personal purpose but for marketing or business too by creating GIFs of your product or delivering any message to your targeted audience. GIFs always work. Stop thinking and start creating your GIFs by exploring the world of GIF making with Adobe Express animated GIFs maker and let your imagination run.

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