Exploring The Real Estate Market Of Greece 2024

The primary real estate market in Greece is showing growth rate due to the uncertain conflict between Europe and the Middle east. Therefore 2024 is an ideal time for investors and home yers to consider purchasing properties. But when you search for the apartments you need a suggestion or help from the expert. As a leading real estate agency Avezor Greece offers apartments from developers at the construction stage. 

As you know the Greek house prices continue growing due to the high demand from foreign buyers. And house prices are rising in urban areas such as the prices of residential complexes in Athens. However Greek house prices are relatively lower than other European countries, which is the reason that it attracts many foreign investors to Greece. So you can say that it is a golden opportunity to buy apartments in Greece at competitive prices and get benefits from the rising property values.

Benefits Of Buying Apartments In Greece

Attractive Condition Offer By Developer

Installment Plans From Developers

Avezor Greece offers you a flexible installment plan that allows you to spread their payment up to 4 years. This makes purchasing property more accessible with less financial burden.

Low Down Payment

If you are entering the market for the first time then it is a golden chance to enter with an initial low down payment.

Assistance with Paperwork

searching for the legal and bureaucratic aspects of buying property can be difficult for a new investor. But our team provides comprehensive assistance and gives you surety to handle all paperwork efficiently and correctly.

Video Tour

If you are an international buyer or unable to visit the place you want to buy or invest then Avezor Greece offers you a detailed video tour with a realistic and immersive view of the properties you want.

High Chance Of Profitability From Rental Or Resale

When you invest in the primary real estate market in Greece then you have more chances for profitability let us discuss below why?

Rental Income

As you know Greece is a popular tourist destination and that is why the demand for rental properties is high here. so when you invest you can expect substantial rental income in a prime location.

Resale Value

When the market continues to grow then property value increases day by day. And in Greece the chances of capital gains upon resale is more.

Comfortable Lifestyle

The chance of owning property in Greece not only provides economical benefits but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle in one of the most beautiful countries.

Advantages Of Relocating To Greece

Greece is not only an attractive destination for investment but also for relocation. Why? Let us find out.

Favorable Business Environment

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you will find a conducive environment and streamline process and support there.

Attractive Tax Conditions

The tax conditions are also attractive and both businesses and individuals can benefit from favorable tax conditions so it makes Greece financially advantageous to live and work in Greece.

Cultural and Historical Richness

We know Greece is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks and offers a unique living experience.

Consulting and Support

Avezor Greece provides full consultant support service to you and helps you to select the optimal real estate according to your needs and desires. We also have an extensive catalog of residential complexes and we want to provide perfect property for every buyer.

Benefits Of Choose Avezor Greece

When you decide to buy an apartment from developers in Greece then avezor.gr is reliable because of its commitment to client satisfaction and its professional market expert team. if you choose us you will get the following benefits

Personalized Service

Our expert team spends time to understands your needs and preferences and after that offer you a perfect solution that matches your requirements.

Market Insights

Our team has a deep knowledge of the Greek real estate market, so you will get valuable advice that will help you make the best decision.

Hassle-Free Process

From the start till the final purchase you experience a smooth and hassle free process. because our experts handle all the aspects of the transaction professionally.


The Primary real estate market in Greece presents an exciting opportunity for investors and homebuyers. and Avezor Greece helps you take the advantages of favorable purchasing conditions and get high profitability upon resale. so start your journey with Avezor Greece and owning a piece of Greece’s flourishing real estate market.

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